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A Little History

Clean As Can Be Services was started in 2007 when need and opportunity both visited the family of Eric and Dawn Nei. The family was both unemployed and dug into the community. Based on a family vote around pizza one evening, leaving the area was not an option. A close friend introduced Eric to professional window washing. Two weeks later he offered to sell a short list of customers and some equipment to Eric. A few days of knocking on doors and Eric realized there was an itch that home owners wanted scratched; high quality, dependable cleaning services.

The growing list of clients used words like quality, reliable, friendly, and professional. Eric and Dawn began to build their business based on these words and others that they had heard. Services were added based on requests from customers. The business began to grow. And then there was a change in focus.

In 2010 Eric and Dawn realized the purpose of the business was more than providing awesome services and meeting their family needs. It was also meant to have a local impact on the economy by providing serious, fun and well paying employment. The first seasonal employees outside the family were hired.

The challenge then was how to keep these wonderful people employed year round. Office and home cleaning were added. At this point, the picture of the company was becoming clear. 

This year, 2015, Clean As Can Be Services, employees 13 people year round and up to 18 during this past summer. In 2016 we expect to offer employment for up to 24 people with job benefits for all employees. 

As business owners and Christians we have God, many friends, over 1,700 customers and many fine employees to thank for helping this little business grow. It's becoming a neat little Northwoods success story. We hope you will give us a chance to show we care about you and the services you expect. 


Eric and Dawn Nei

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