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When clean really matters, it matters how clean happens.

Area Rug CleaningLet's talk about rugs. First, you'll find a library of rug videos that will help you understand more about the wonderful world of rugs. Next is a list of the steps we use to give your rugs a spa experience. Finally, you'll find a section of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

We are the only local company offering many of the step necessary for proper cleaning and protection of your rugs. You will find a level of care that can be found only in small rug cleaning plants using non-automated processes. This means your rugs get the personal attention they need so that they come back to you in the best possible condition.

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Clean As Can Be Services 11 Steps to Gorgeous Rugs

 1. Intake documentation, photos, examination and cost estimate
 2. Thorough dusting using modified vacuums or specialty equipment
 3. Dye stabilization, if needed, to prevent dye migration and loss of color.
 4. Urine decontamination, if needed.
 5. Spot treatment.
 6. Cleaning by the most appropriate method, from low moisture to full bath.
 7. Clear water and/or acid rinse as needed.
 8. Final extraction until water runs clear.
 9. Separate and specific fringe cleaning and grooming as needed.
10. Table drying or hang drying in a heat and humidity controlled chamber. 
11. Final vacuum and groom.
12. Fiber protector - optional
13. Moth repellent if going into storage - optional
14. Wrap and label with Tyvek if going into storage - optional

Stategic partnerships allow to also provide field and tassle repair, application of fresh latex backing and down side covering on tufted rugs, and color correction.

Premium rug padding is also available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I just have my carpet cleaner extract my rugs in my home and dry them over a deck railing or on a garage floor?

A. The short answer is because rugs are not carpet, unless you have a piece of carpet with an after market bound edge added. Each step above is there because of the unique qualities of area rugs. 

Q. Are you insured for this kind of work?

A. Yes and No. It's complicated. We are insured for transport, theft, fire and structural damage to our buildings while your rugs are in our care. However, no standard insurance coverage is currently available for workmanship when it comes to rug cleaning. In the rug cleaning world, when damage happens during the cleaning process and a claim is made to an insurance company, that claim may be honored and paid. However, as often as not, the insurance sites poor workmanship as the cause and refuses to pay out on the claim. That is why we are so careful in every step of the process. We want you to enjoy your rug in the best possible condition. We don't want to buy your rug because of damage we caused.

No carpet cleaner can offer this level of care on your garage floor or back deck. And without documentation, it€s your word against theirs when your rug comes back inside faded from sun damage, too much heat, too alkaline cleaning solution, with released backing material, or mottled colors due to dye migration, or shredded fringe, or when a permanently dyed pattern appears your wood deck.

Q. What does it cost to have area rugs cleaned?

A. Our Small Batch Process starts at $3.00 per square foot. 

Q. Do you provide pickup and delivery from and to my door?

A. Yes.

Q. How much is pickup and delivery?

A. That depends on the distance from the shop, are two people needed (big rugs), total value of the invoice and whether we are running a special on pickup and delivery. You get it. Ashland will cost more than Arbor Vitae. Wausau will cost more than Woodruff.

Q. Can I drop off and pickup my own rugs?

A. Yes, by appointment.

Q. How experienced are you in rug cleaning?

A. We started taking rugs seriously a few years ago and clean between 40 and 70 rugs per year. Because of our other services such as window washing, carpet cleaning and upholstery care many of our customers are now asking us to care for their rugs. Comments I'm hearing suggest we are providing service comparable to or better than they were finding in large cities. They also enjoy the convenience of them not habing to transport rugs to and from large cities.

To date, I have not had to buy a customer's rug and we have not been called for rework of area rugs.

Q. How long will I be without my rugs?

A. During our busy season, early May through October, all of our quality services are scheduled at least two weeks out, and we will need to have your rugs for at least a week. So, if you want your area rugs looking their best for that special occasion, it's best to schedule well in advance. You can always keep your rugs rolled and stored in Tyvek (never plastic) until oguests knock on the door.

Q. Do you identify rug origins and time period of fabrication?

A. A wool rug from India can be cleaned just like a wool rug from Pakistan or China. Regional nuances in construction and dying process can be identified during examination and adjusted for in the cleaning process. 

Q. Do you provide rug value appraisal.

A. We do not at this time offer appraisal services. We ask the owner to place a dollar value on each rug. 

Q. Isn't it best to have rugs cleaned in a third generation rug retail and cleaning family?

A. Rug culture is a little like cheese, roses, chocolate or wine culture. Historical, geographic or even familial relationships related to your rugs becomes part of the value of owning the rug. For intance, a rug you come to own, woven by a family on the move during wars in Afganastan, Iran, Iraq or Syria may carry meaning not easily attached to a fine hand woven rug bought in a shop in Chicago. 

However, when it comes to cleaning rugs, the care of the rug is more important than the culture of the rug. The important part is how the rugs are handled and cleaned. A small plant focusing on detailed work with small batches is likely to charge more and hold your rugs longer. Each rug will be carefully treated based on the nuances of that rug. A large plant cleaning hundreds of rugs per week will count on volume to reduce price. But the trade off is mechanized wash process where a rug specialist is called only for the very rare piece. These large plants may actually budget for loss knowing they will damage rugs due to mechanized processes. In other words, they accept and expect to be buying a few rugs every year because of how they clean rugs.

Q. What kind of tools do you use?

A. In regards to quality outcomes, it doesn't matter. Lisa Wagner is a national name in the rug cleaning world. She trained us personally. She got her start in rug cleaning with a sloped concrete driveway, a hose, proper solutions and hand brushes. She is well beyond that now, working as much as a rug consultant as a rug cleaner. However, she continues to advocate and use personal, hands on, low tech methods. She uses and advised high tech tools that enhance volume of production, but only when the quality of care inherent in low tech methods is not compromised.

Currently, Clean As Can Be Services, LLC uses a wide variety of methods, broadly described as low moisture to full bath and flush extraction of area rugs. We will make an in-plant determination of the method best suited to each rug. We deliver using quality rug cleaning tools. We hang or dry flat all rugs in a heat and humidity controlled drying room. 

Q. Do you offer rug repair.

A. Yes, by tapping into some of the best rug repair people in the country. This means we ship out your rug, requiring a longer keep time, and a higher price. Most repairs can be estimated with photos. However, your rug will experience the best possible rug repairs available.

Q. How often should I get my rugs cleaned?

A. At least every two years. Wool can hold and hide a huge amount of dirt. If your ruge looks dingy or dirty after your weekly rug vaccuming, it's past time to have it cleaned.


If you have spent more than a few minutes on this part of our Web site, then your rugs are important to you. And they are important to us. I know how hard it is to find contractors you know, like and trust. That is why I am always available to answer your questions by email, on the phone or in person. Some people spot the quality in my company right away, or they trust the referral of a friend, and basically say, "Just get me on the calendar." For others, it takes a little more time. Whatever it takes, I would like to add you as a loyal customer.

Call me today so your rugs are well cared for and have a look at our other popular services.

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