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Our customers are people that care so much about their home and business that they will hire only the best contractors. They recognize the improved appearance and comfort of crystal clear windows, clean carpets and restored grouted tile surfaces that look better than new. They are people like you that look for value, innovation, and quality all provided in a professional manner. You'll find these discerning people, our customers, from Wausau to Ashland and Park Falls to Crandon.

Following is a partial list of satisfied customers, both businesses and individuals who have used our cleaning services. We know we can make you the next satisfied customer. Give us a chance to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Call us today. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee this.

Business & Organization Clients

  • Culver’s of Minocqua, Minocqua
  • Faith Evangelical Free Church, Woodruff
  • Trig’s Grocery of Minocqua, Minocqua
  • Little Creek Coffee Company, Arbor Vitae
  • Sedlak Automobile Dealership, Minocqua
  • Tula's Cafe, Minocqua
  • Hunan Chinese Restaurant, Woodruff
  • Minocqua Country Club, Minocqua
  • Achilles Foot and Ankle Clinic, Woodruff
  • Advanced Family Vision, Minocqua
  • Trigs of Rhinelander, Rhinelander
  • Coachlite Resort, Minocqua
  • Arby's Restaurant,Minocqua
  • Trigs of Wausau, Wausa
  • Reiter Senior and Community Center, Three Lakes
  • Dr. Mike Cirilli, Minocqua
  • Park City Credit Union, Minocqua
  • 1st Choice Mortgage, Minocqua
  • US Bank, Minocqua
  • Anglers Isle Resort, Land O' Lakes
  • Wildcat Resort, Boulder Junction

Individual Clients

  • Donald and Joyce Barnes, Timber Ridge Development, Minocqua
  • Scott and Phyllis Miller, Minocqua/Phoenix
  • James and Debi Weis, Rhinelander
  • Tom and Betty Nilson, Timber Ridge Development, Minocqua
  • Corky and Cathy Sheppard, Woodruff
  • Brian and Melissa Wild, Rhinelander
  • Pete and Beth Rondello, Boulder Junction
  • Marie Goldbach, Minocqua/Marathon
  • Sue Scott, Minocqua
  • Gina Heck, Rhinelander
  • Bob and Sue Kleismet, Minocqua
  • Robert Schuld, Timber Ridge Development, Minocqua
  • Jay and Amy Grooters, Minocqua
  • John Skaug, Minocqua/Wausau
  • Dee Cayo, Winchester
  • Jenny Heck, Rhinelander
  • Tom and Cherie Abendroth, Arbor Vitae


"This floor looks as good as it did when we moved in four years ago" —Valerie Susor, Branch Manager, Park City Credit Union

"Perfect!"—Evaluation of Tom Chandler after we cleaned the carpets in Trigs 70 Cellar West. The work included removing stains where full bottles of beverage had been dropped on the carpet.

"Your professional presentation and pricing were both better than other contractors. And it's clear you know what you are doing."—Angie Roberts, Rhinelander Housing Authority

"The kitchen looks great!"—Ben Hoffman, Culvers of Minocqua

"After 20 years my tile floors look new again."—Linda Kronzer, Minocqua

I'm often asked, "Does Low Moisture carpet cleaning work in tough areas?"

Ask Jerry Geiger, Manager, Minocqua Country Club.—"The carpets look fantastic!"

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Bio-based Carpet Cleaning Solutions

All of our low moisture solutions are safe for children and pets. We use natural bio-based cleaning solutions which provides the same great cleaning with the least possible chance of chemical irritation or allergic reaction.

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