Grout Restoration & Cleaning

Like New Grout with Restoration and Color Sealing

grout restorationYou will never have to spend another Saturday on your hands and knees making futile efforts to clean filthy, stained grout lines.

We bring you an affordable, beautiful solution to this bothersome task that will last for years with nothing more than average cleaning. Color Sealing is the process of creating a uniform, impermeable color in all grout lines on old or new tile work. You can pick any color you want, even if you have lived on the floor for many year. Your tiled surfaces will look better than new and they will stay that way. Don't confuse our products with non-penetrating, big box store, surface sealants that need to be periodically reapplied. Our products last for years.

Key Benefits

  • Like-new appearance. The highest quality appearance of grouted tile floors. Some even say their floor looks better than when it was new.
  • A healthier home. Bacteria, mold and mildew will not find a place to grow in otherwise moist, porous grout lines.
  • You choose the look. Color sealing provides a value-focused option for redecorating and restoration. And it makes the most sense economically when completed as part of a new surface.
  • Enhanced curb appeal. Trying to sell your home or business? Even if they don't mention it, most potential owners quickly spot stained grout and cracked or chipped tiles. However, very few know the options for dealing with this, so they see the problem as more costly than it really is. How much easier would the sale be if the potential owners saw like-new tile floors?


No area is too big or too small.

At this time we are offering this service only on ceramic tile flat work. However, if you have natural stone flat work please call us for a referral.

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Bio-based Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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