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The Christmas Recliner

Eric Nei - Friday, December 11, 2015

Eric Nei the Cleaning Guy here. If your furniture could talk.....

"As a recliner, I love my job and I love this family. But it's been a rough couple weeks. Sally walked all over me stringing garland on the curtain rod. The twins watched Home Alone - again - with a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda. Dad grabbed my leg lift handle right after the ice cream dripped down his hand. And late at night the cat curls up in my lap.......and sheds. Please, would someone call Clean As Can Be Services for a little help. I could use a good cleaning."

Upholstery is the forgotten part of home cleaning. Your fabric upholstered furniture can be a significant resting place for any pocket item that falls out, food, pollen, mold spore, other allergens, odor causing proteins and beverage stains. As your cleaning consultant I recommend that you schedule upholstery cleaning at the same time as carpet cleaning. By scheduling more than one service in one service visit you are in a better position to bargain with your cleaning contractor for a better value. Also, many people schedule carpet cleaning to improve appearance, control odors and improve indoor air quality. Upholstery cleaning brings the same benefits. Why do only half the job? 

"Is there a best time of the year to clean carpet and upholstery?" While many people lump this heavy cleaning into spring cleaning, we recommend late fall or early winter for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Right after the holidays is ideal. Your carpet is second only to your forced air heating and cooling system (HVAC) in regards to filtering pollutants from indoor air. Regular vacuuming helps, but some filth that your carpets collect needs to be removed through professional cleaning. Most of what your carpet is going to catch during the year occurs during high use times of the year and open-window times of the year; probably summer in both instances and maybe holidays. Also, fall and winter usually includes dryer air and a heating system that is circulating that warm, dry air. This means faster dry times for textiles that are cleaning in your home. (Fine textile area rugs should always be cleaned off site.) 

"What about all those hoses coming into my home and having to leave my door open?"

Advancements in cleaning technology provide you with many options for cleaning. This includes fully portable equipment that is just as effective and efficient as a fire breathing truck mount unit in your driveway. This means once inside, the contractor and equipment stays inside until the work is completed. If you cleaning contractor can't provide same quality service with completely portable equipment, look for another contractor.

So, if your upholstery could talk, would you be happy with what it had to say?

Eric Nei the Cleaning Guy.

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