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You Can Fix the Economy

Eric Nei - Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Three laid off in small northern Wisconsin town."

Not much of a news headline, unless you realize that according to US labor statistics 85% of employed people work for small business. A small business is a business that employs less then 100 people. So, in reality nearly everyone in northern Wisconsin works for a small business. Big business may drive the evening news, but small business drive the Northwood's economy.

I know we live in a global economy. I order supplies from Georgia, South Carolina and Colorado. My equipment, or parts of it, were made overseas. For some things we don't have a choice in how we spend our money. However, when I have a choice to shop locally, I do, even if it costs me a few more dollars. This is part of the commitment I make to others that choose to call the Northwoods home.This is part of being a good community member and a good neighbor.

Think about it. When you spend ten dollars on a franchised or corporate company based in another part of the country or another country all together, your ten dollars literally gets spread over a huge geographic area. There are many people feeding on that ten dollars and using it to build their local economy far from your home. Because we are your neighbor and because we show preference for small, local business owners, when you spend ten dollars with us, your money stays closer to home. This is good for the local economy. When you hire us, one way or another, your dollars come back around to you because we keep your dollars local.

What's Important to You?

Quality work and the best customer care will always be the focus of my business.

In trying to find out what's important to you I conducted some market research about what is important to my customers. I administered a survey to dozens of people. According to the results of this survey, the two most important factors in choosing someone to clean your windows, carpets and tile and grout are quality of work and customer services.

Even in a down economy, lowest price tied for 7th place out of 13 factors I included in the survey. Really, this doesn't surprise me. I visit hundreds of homes each year and I continue to hear the same message, year in and year out. You love your home and you will not compromise when it comes to keeping your home bright, clean and enjoyable. You want the highest possible quality of work and the best possible customer care.

It pays to work with innovative contractors.

We pursue the innovation you expect. Just like in any other industry, research and development is alive and well in the cleaning industry. Examples of industry advancements include pure water technology and water fed pole systems for window cleaning. Another example is low moisture carpet cleaning.

We will find alternatives to fossil fuels, but there is no alternative to clean, fresh, pure drinking water. And low moisture carpet cleaning methods use on average 90% less water when compared to hot water extraction methods with no compromise in cleaning outcomes? This means 90% less drinking water is used to clean carpets and virtually no waste water is added to your sewer system or municipal water treatment system. Have you considered that the entire time that truck mounted unit idols out your front door, it is burning fossil fuels?

Bottom line is this; by using low moisture carpet cleaning methods you get cleaner carpets that stay clean longer and dry in less than one hour. No other carpet cleaning method can provide these benefits. And not only that, these methods are better for the environment.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning does have its place as one way to clean carpets in some circumstances. But there are better alternatives when it comes to quality outcomes, convenience and environmental impact. We offer those alternatives.

So why the naysayers when it comes to low moisture carpet cleaning?

A good friend of mine was a teacher for 35 years in the same school district and during that time she received an admirable number of awards. I once asked her about her success and recognition. Her answer taught me an important business lesson.

"There are those that teach for 35 years and there are those that teach one year 35 times."

This speaks to the need to constantly pursue improvement. Unfortunately many cleaning companies choose not to explore innovation. They criticize other methods because they are heavily capitalized in established methods, they put profits before customers' needs, they are scared of what they don't understand and haven't researched, they had a bad experience with other methods when they tried it once two decades ago, or they realize they are losing business to those that offer better options and better outcomes at a better price. That would be us.

We are different.

My company will always focus on what can be, rather than what is. How we do it today will not by how we do it tomorrow if our commitment to learning shows us a better way to do it. Sure, we could go with older, entrenched methods, a franchised name and a large fleet of vehicles. And you would probably hire us because this is what you have hired for years to get acceptable results.

Are you paying for and satisfied with acceptable results?

Aren't you tired of paying for acceptable results. You should be, when GREAT results are just as affordable! That is why we are here. We will serve you better and we will never settle for acceptable results. Will you?

Call Today!

Now is the time to schedule your projects with a service provider that provides the best possible outcomes and treats you like royalty. Pick up the phone and schedule your work with Clean As Can Be Services. You won't be disappointed. Still feeling like this is too good to be true or too big a risk? Then check out our Service Guarantee.

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