Tile Repair & Cleaning

Tile Floor Repair, Restoration & Cleaning

tile repairBelieve it or not, there is an affordable, convenient way to clean tile floors and restore darkened stained grout to a better than new appearance.

After we are done, daily cleaning will be simplified and more effective. You will not have to deal with stained grout lines again, because the color of your choice is locked in and stains are locked out. See more about Color Sealing on the Grout Restoration page.)

Key Benefits

  • WOW factor. Better-than new appearance.
  • Save money. Maintaining your tile floor is ALWAYS cheaper than re-grouting or replacing.
  • Safety. Chipped and cracked tiles create sharp edges and tripping hazards. They are also an entry point for moisture, which can damage your sub-floor over time.
  • Convenience. You won't have to live with the mess and inconvenience of tear out and replacement of grouted tile surfaces.

Capabilities and methods

Services include full evaluation and repair of tile floors, the best possible cleaning, and re-caulking as needed. Color Sealing is optional, and it is highly recommended if you want your tile surfaces to look like new for many years to come. See our information on Color Sealing.

Before & After—Tile Like New


The floor below is a 12 inch by 12 inch tile, commercial floor with 3/8 inch grout lines in a high traffic commercial property. Other than twice weekly sweeping and mopping, nothing had been done to maintain this floor for four years.

Notice the speckled look from dirt accumulation in the recesses of this textured tile. Regular moping just doesn't keep a floor clean. Also notice the dirt and filth in the grout lines. Wondering what color this grout was when it was installed. Check out the after pictures.


Close up, in fluorescent lighting with flash, same tile flooring as the last picture above.

The dirt in the recesses of the textured tile is completely gone. The grout lines were Color Sealed to match the original color of the grout.

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Bio-based Carpet Cleaning Solutions

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